Special Housing Areas

Special Housing Areas look like they will become a more permanent feature of the NZ planning scene, especially outside of Auckland. SHAs present both opportunities and challenges for integrated resource management.

The recent amendment to the Housing Accords and Special Housing Areas Act 2013 (HASHAA) extends the legislation for a further 3 years.  This extension will allow the establishment of further SHAs outside of Auckland, and sets a 12-month time limit for lodging resource consents and plan variations for those SHAs that were gazetted after 16 September 2015.  The extension also allows the plan variation applications that have been lodged to continue being processed after 16 September 2016 under HASHAA.  This is especially relevant for Auckland whilst the Unitary Plan is being finalised.

HYC staff have experience in all stages of the SHA process, including:

  • SHA establishment checks for proposals throughout Auckland;
  • preparing applications for qualifying developments in Wellington;
  • reviewing qualifying developments and associated plan variations in Auckland; and
  • acting as a Hearing Commissioner for qualifying development applications in the South Island.