Auckland Unitary Plan

Over the past year Hill Young Cooper has been assisting Auckland Council with responding to submissions to the Proposed Auckland Unitary Plan across a range of issues and topic areas.  Evidence has been prepared and presented on:

  • natural hazard management (Hearing Topics 006 & 022 - David Mead)
  • affordable housing (Hearing Topics 013 & 061 - David Mead)
  • significant infrastructure (Hearing Topic 012 - Trevor Mackie)
  • regional growth (Hearing Topic 013 - Chloe Trenouth)
  • Mana Whenua (Hearing Topic 009 - Chloe Trenouth)
  • Social infrastructure (Hearing Topic 055 - Trevor Mackie)
  • Viewshafts (Hearing Topic 020 - Trevor Mackie)

Further evidence on flooding (Topic 022), and Green Infrastructure zoning (Topic 028) has been prepared and presented to the Panel.

Copies of the evidence are available on the Independent Hearings Panel website: Click on the Hearings tab, then the Evidence tab under the above Hearing Topic numbers.