Hill Young Cooper staff regularly participate in discussions and seminars on planning issues, as well as providing feedback and submissions on RMA-related matters.

  • 2014 Conference Banner
    2014 NZPI Conference

    David Mead's presentation to housing affordability and land supply session

    • In April, David Mead and Mark St Clair attended the New Zealand Planning Institute conference in Queenstown. David presented at three different workshop sessions dealing with collaborative planning, affordable housing and water sensitive urban design. David's presentation to the affordable housing session is attached here.



  • private planning
    Is there a case for resource management plans to control private planning instruments?

    David Mead and Stuart Ryan (Barrister) presented a paper on the RMA/ planning issues associated with restrictive covenants to the NZPI conference in Blenheim.

    A copy of the paper can be downloaded here.


  • kapiti big
    Development incentives included in Kapiti Coast 2nd Generation District Plan

    HYC was engaged by the Kāpiti Coast District Council to develop a set of development incentives that could be included in their recently notified second generation Proposed District Plan. The Council, which already has a number of financial and other non-regulatory incentives in place, was keen to offer development based incentives in the proposed plan for development that would result in a net environmental benefit. Key areas of interest were for biodiversity protection and enhancement, water quality improvement and energy ( in respect of reducing energy demand and supporting the use of on-site, small scale generation).

    The project involved a review of other plans that use incentives, and a series of discussions with some councils to understand what worked, what didn’t and why. Through a collaborative and iterative process with the council which involved testing a raft of incentives for their likely uptake and effectiveness, HYC prepared a suite of incentives that have been adopted in the proposed district plan.

    The work was presented to the 2013 NZPI conference at Hamilton as part of the Making Plans New Ways session. Here is the link to the presentation.


  • auckland local boards pop change
    Auckland's Housing Density

    David Mead looks at Auckland's housing density, how it might change over time and what it means for how the city should be planned.

    He firstly looked at how housing density can be measured and how it has varied over time

    Next he has looked at how the city's housing density can be explained by the interaction of transport costs, land prices and housing costs

    In a third paper (March 2016) he investigates the links between zoning, housing supply and house prices.  The interaction between these three factors is not as clear cut as many make it out to be.

    In  a further paper to be prepared over the next few months, he will consider what the implications are for the future of Auckland.

    A copy of the first paper can be downloaded here.

    A copy of the second paper can be downloaded here.

    A copy of the third paper can be downloaded here


  • productivity
    Productivity Commission enquiries

    The Commission's draft report on using land for housing raises some important issues for housing supply and housing affordability, tentatively recognising the complexities involved and that the two issues are not necessarily directly linked.

    David Mead's submissions to the investigation stage of the report and his thoughts on the draft report are set out in the attached documents:

    DM Land Supply Submission

    Submission on 'Using Land for Housing'


    The Commission's investigation into urban planning appears to see urban planning as no more than 'good housekeeping'.

    David Mead's submission on urban planning issues paper (March 2016)  

    Submission on low emissions economy (2018)



  • Blog..
    PlanningmattersNZ blog

    PlanningmattersNZ is an (occasional) blog where David Mead looks at current urban planning issues from the point of view of planning theory and practice. The blog can found at: http://planningmattersnz.blogspot.co.nz.  


  • statehouse
    Submission on Kāinga Ora-Homes and Communities Bill

    Can one organisation successfully manage large scale urban redevelopment and be the country’s largest landlord? Will these roles get mixed up? Is Kāinga Ora going to be the modern day version of the Town and Country Planning Directorate of the Ministry of Works and Development?   

    See Hill Young Cooper’s submission on the Bill here