Hill Young Cooper undertakes work for public sector, private sector and institutional clients across a wide range of planning, governance and resource management issues. Below are some examples of projects Hill Young Cooper has recently been involved in.

  • project 7
    Environmental Management - Industrial and Trade Process

    Hill Young Cooper works with a range of industrial and commercial clients to assist those businesses in complying with the requirements of the Resource Management Act and Regional Plans, such as the Auckland Council's Regional Air, Land Water Plan.

    Our services include:

    • Preparing Environmental Management Systems covering multiple sites
    • Preparing site specific Environmental Management Plans (EMPs)
    • Undertaking independent Environmental Audits
    • Preparing resource consent applications for stormwater, industrial or trade process and air discharges
    • Advising on contaminant storage and methods to reduce stormwater contamination.

    Our aim is to assist businesses in improving environment practices on their sites.

    Hill Young Cooper also monitors resource consents, notices of requirement and district plan changes across New Zealand in relation to possible effects on our industrial clients' facilities and operations.



  • unitary
    Auckland Unitary Plan

    Over the past few months Hill Young Cooper has been assisting Auckland Council with responding to submissions to the Proposed Auckland Unitary Plan across a range of issues and topic areas.  Evidence as been prepared and presented on:

    • natural hazard management (Hearing Topic 006 - David Mead)
    • affordable housing (Hearing Topic 013 - David Mead)
    • significant infrastructure (Hearing Topic 012 - Trevor Mackie)
    • regional growth (Hearing Topic 013 - Chloe Trenouth)
    • Mana Whenua (Hearing Topic 008 - Chloe Trenouth)

    Copies of the evidence is available on the Independent Hearings Panel website: http://www.aupihp.govt.nz/.  Click on the Hearings tab, then the Evidence tab under the above Hearing Topic numbers.



  • grr2
    Glenvar Ridge Road Designation and Resource Consents

    Hill Young Cooper is currently providing the planning input for a new Notice of Requirement by Auckland Transport to construct a new road at Long Bay, publicly notified in November 2014.  The road will provide an alternative access to long Bay Regional Park and support the development of the Long Bay Structure Plan area.  This is a joint project with the Minister of Education, with the excess earth from the road construction going to be used to form new playing fields for Long Bay Primary School and College.


  • Natural Hazards
    Natural Hazards Policy Research

    The Ministry for the Environment engaged Hill Young Cooper to investigate how councils are managing the risks posed by land-based natural hazards (e.g. coastal surge, landslide, flooding). This project examined a sample of councils from across NZ. The focus of the research was the ability of councils to appropriately respond to existing risks once a hazard is identified, or to changes in risk level after a hazard has been created. The Ministry was interested in whether legislative change was required in order to enable councils to adequately manage natural hazard risks.

    Hill Young Cooper Ltd has also been assisting Auckland Council with its response to submissions to the natural hazards RPS level objectives and policies of the Proposed Auckland Unitary Plan.  This work has involved consideration of how a risk-based approach to hazard management can be incorporated into an RMA framework.