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Current projects

June - September.

Chloe Trenouth and Karen Inglis obtained regional consents for Stages 1 and 2 of the Takanini Stormwater Conveyance Channel Project.

HYC staff have been involved in various Special Housing Area applications across the country, including preparing an application for a qualifying development in Wellington, reviewing qualifying developments and associated plan variations in Auckland and acting as a Hearing commissioner for consent applications in the South Island.

David, Chloe and Trevor reviewed various aspects of the Decisions Version of the Proposed Auckland Unitary Plan for the Auckland Council and assisted in the Council's deliberations on whether to accept the Panel's recommendations.


PlanningmattersNZ blog

David Mead has started an (occasional) blog where he looks at current urban planning issues in NZ. His first two blogs considers the recommended Auckland Unitary Plan.

Special Housing Areas

Special Housing Areas look like they will become a more permanent feature of the NZ planning scene, especially outside of Auckland. SHAs present both opportunities and challenges for integrated resource management .......